The People’s Assembly

11 06 2013

The People’s Charter is supporting Imagethe People’s Assembly Against Austerity, and will be going to the Assembly in London on 22 June. The People’s Assembly has a Derby group – see the website and Facebook page for more information.

Bill Greenshields below discusses the Charter and how we would like to integrate the Charter into a future People’s Assembly national structure to form a single unified anti austerity organisation:-

“The People’s Charter is a comprehensive, coherent and practical program for an alternative economic and social program for Britain, for “A People’s Britain Not A Bankers’ Britain”. It is based on a program of redistribution of wealth, progressive taxation, closing tax loopholes, directed investment, common ownership, public services, equality and peaceful sustainable development.

There is no shortage of money in Britain for such a program. It is simply not used for the benefit of the people as a whole, but rather the enrichment of a tiny class of people in banking, finance and monopoly capital. The Charter therefore asserts that there is NO need for ANY public spending cuts or loss of jobs, no matter what their depth or speed of implementation might be proposed to be.

Since it was developed in 2008-9, the People’s Charter has been widely endorsed by the Trade Union and progressive movement… by the TUC Congress, Women’s TUC, Scottish TUC, Wales TUC, the local Trades Union Councils National Conference. It is included by the TUC in its Plan of Work for local trades union councils. It is endorsed by 19 individual Trade Unions, and by many trades union councils and anti cuts and “austerity” groupings.

The People’s Charter is now seen as the property of the whole movement – and is recognised in the statement to go to the People’s Assembly on June 22nd. The Commission of the People’s Charter agrees with the statement that there is a burning need for a single unified anti austerity organisation – and now wishes to integrate the Charter into a future People’s Assembly national structure. We look forward to making this step, and urge other organisations to consider doing the same.”

Bill Greenshields,

Trade Union Officer for the People’s Charter Commission


Derby people’s demonstration: No more cuts to local services & jobs!

27 01 2013

5pm Wednesday 30th January 2013

on the steps of the Council House, Corporation Street, Derby DE1 2FS

Tory/LibDem Government tells Derby’s Labour Council,
“Make the cuts, or we will remove you from office”

Another £43 million of cuts to Derby’s local services…on top of the £68 million cut over the last 3 years.

Our essential services will be cut to ribbons!
200 more council workers will lose their jobs

Tory/LibDem government’s cuts mean…

  • mass job loss – break up of the welfare state
  • pay cuts – housing repossessions – poverty
  • wrecking of pensions, benefits & services

Q. WHY does the Government ignore unpaid tax, bail out the bankers and try to make working people pay for their crisis?

A. It’s simple – they work for the super-rich, not for us!
It’s time to stand up for ourselves…

November 30 – Protect our Pensions March and Rally

25 11 2011

On Wednesday November 30, public sector workers throughout the UK will be on strike to defend their pensions.

In Derby, a march will be held starting from the Silk Mill (on Full Street, Derby city centre) assembling at 11.00am, marching at 11.15am and ending at a rally in the Market Place at 12 noon with speakers and live music.

Other marches and rallies will be held locally and across the country including in Nottingham, Chesterfield, Leicester and Birmingham. Further details of other events are available at

Derby Area TUC Annual Silk Mill March & Rally

18 04 2011

In 1834 Silk Mill employers – supported by the local “Establishment” – attacked Derby workers fighting for the right to organise in their trade union, and to fight for improved working conditions. The workers were threatened, and locked out of work. Now in 2011, working people are under attack again. Facing unemployment, pay and pension cuts, destruction of services, cuts to benefits and attacks on union organisation – we face the same old enemy. We need to show the same courage and determination shown by the Silk Mill workers and their families 177 years ago.

How many times, and for how many years will we have to fight the same battles against the same tiny class of wealthy and powerful people – currently represented by the ConDem Coalition? This government is made up of two parties rejected by the people in a General Election, cobbled together to represent millionaires, rather than millions of people.
As part of the attack on local services , the Silk Mill – now our museum – is to be closed… again locking out the people of Derby… a very clear sign of the times.
At the Silk Mill March and Rally, speakers will show how there is no need for any cuts – and outline how policies such as those of The People’s Charter could be put into operation to make the bankers and fatcats pay for the crisis they created, and to protect and extend the rights and well being of working people.

We will lay a commemorative chaplet at the Silk Mill in honour of those who fought and died as a result of the 1834
lock out – and in doing so we will strengthen our determination to continue the fight in 2011

Presided over by Ian Wilson (UNITE) – President Derby Area TUC
10.30am Saturday April 30th 2011
Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby

The march will go to the Silk Mill for the laying of the chaplet commemorating the struggle of the workers there in 1834 and will then continue back to the Market Place for speeches and entertainment

Alex Gordon, National President of RMT
Cheryl Pidgeon, Regional Secretary, Midlands TUC
Steve Hardy, UNISON Silk Mill Museum Steward
Gawain Little, The People’s Charter for Change
Paul Bayliss, Derby City Council Labour Group
Chris Williamson MP, Shadow Minister for Communities

Entertainment, music and songs of the movement from Banner Theatre Group

Join the Anti-Cuts March in London 26 Mar

5 03 2011

Pay, pensions and benefit cuts…
job loss, service cuts and closures
for the many…

Top salary rises and super-profits…
…expenses, bonuses and tax avoidance
for the wealthy few”

Free coaches from Full Street, Derby (opposite Assembly Rooms multi-storey car park) at 7.30 am on 26 March. For details phone 01332 643217 or email

Derby People in 2011

  • 1500 job losses
  • 6 Children’s Centres CLOSED
  • 2 Old People’s Homes CLOSED
  • 4 Youth Centres CLOSED
  • Day Care centres CUT
  • Home care & respite support CUT
  • School Transport CUT
  • School Crossing Patrols CUT
  • School budgets FROZEN
  • Community Safety CUT
  • Community Centres CLOSED
  • Libraries & Museums CUT
  • Bin Collections/Recycling CUT
  • Sports Centre PRIVATISED
  • Guildhall Theatre PRIVATISED
  • Environment workers CUT
  • Public Toilets CUT
  • Adult Education classes CUT
  • Fat Cats 2010/11

  • Super-profits in supermarkets, energy, armaments & drugs industries
  • Banking & finance profits – £90 billion
  • Bankers’ bonuses – £7 billion
  • Big Business Chief Execs’ pay – up by 55% in one year 2010
  • Top 10% of population evade & avoid £120 billion of tax… £70 billion a year
  • There’s NO NEED for cuts

  • Reclaim the £120 billion unpaid tax
  • Levy a 2% super rich wealth tax
  • A windfall tax on super-profits
  • Tax banks’ financial transactions
  • Use the banking industry profits for the common good
  • For more details of the march see

    You can pledge to attend the march at

    March 26 leaflet

    Derby Against The Cuts planning meeting

    5 03 2011

    The next planning meeting of Derby Against The Cuts (of which the Charter is a part) is on Tuesday 8th March 7.30pm at The Brunswick Inn, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby (near the railway station) (map)

    Derby Campaign for The People’s Charter

    23 10 2010



    Wednesday 5th January  7.30pm

    The Function Room, The Brunswick Inn, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby (near the railway station)

    There is a proposal to form a very broad based “Derby Against The Cuts” of which the People’s Charter will be a part. Come to help with getting this going, and deciding more activities.

    2. The next meeting of the Derby City Council will be on Wednesday 19th January where they will again be ratifying ConDem government plans to cut our services and jobs. It is likely we will be lobbying from 5pm at the Assembly Rooms – where the Council will be meeting while they spend £40 million of our money giving the Council House a makeover.

     SEE “IN THE MEDIA” for news of the cuts in Derby – and the decision of the City Council to have the police on hand at Council meetings – running scared of the public they are meant to represent



    Standing up for working people


    As the Government announces their latest massive cuts, Derby City Council decides to cravenly accept their instructions, and surround itself with police to try to avoid local people’s protests.


    We need to stand up for ourselves. We don’t need to accept these attacks, and we shouldn’t. There needs to be increasing opposition and, yes, civil disobedience, if that’s what it takes to protect the most vulnerable.


    There is no democratic mandate for the cuts. In the General Election, the Tories advocated £6 billion of cuts. 10 million people voted in favour, while 14 million voted for parties that at least advocated some sort of restraint. Now the Tories – put in power by the LibDems – are imposing £85 billion of cuts. No local Councillor stood on a manifesto of imposing massive cuts to the City’s services and jobs.


    The deepening economic crisis is not of our making, yet we are told we must pay. Meanwhile the banks are again making huge profits, paying huge bonuses to their top-dogs. The richest 10% of the population are getting richer, and still evading and avoiding taxes… to the tune now of £130 billion!


    This unrepresentative government is using the economic crisis as an excuse to cut services and jobs – and to privatise what’s left, saying that the private sector will “soak up” the unemployed – leading to inferior services provided by people on reduced wages and pensions, and without the proper tools to do the job.


    The ConDems intend to go further, with well-meaning but unqualified volunteers delivering essential services – Cameron’s “Big Society”. Well, don’t blame impossibly stretched local government workers when something goes horribly wrong. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


    There is no need for cuts. If the government targeted the £130 billion of unpaid tax, and took the destructive banks and their £90 billion profits into public ownership, there would be no deficit. But this government of millionaires wants to protect their millionaire friends – and make us pay.


    There will be growing opposition of many kinds. Those government supporters in politics and the majority media will blame us for “civil disorder”. Yet it is their government that will close old people’s homes, put children at risk, deny people the right to work and proper life chances, turn universities into commodities to be bought by the wealthy, deny vulnerable people proper support and benefits, preside over growing homelessness and poverty.


    And this is just the beginning. Mervyn King of the Bank of England promises us a “dark decade”. There is more, and worse, to come.


    At particular moments in history working class people have to stand up for themselves. The Tolpuddle Martyrs, Derby Silk Mill workers, the Chartists, the Suffragettes, the unemployed “hunger marchers” of the 1930s, the miners, the poll tax refusers and protestors – all were accused of civil disorder – but all are now recognised by the great majority of people as having being right.


    We are living through such pivotal times. We need to stand up and be counted.


    Bill Greenshields



    The People’s Charter is both a petition and a campaigning organisation that rejects the idea that working people should be made to pay for the crisis created by the bankers and the super rich.

    We believe that the cuts and growing unemployment are entirely unnecessary. The two big lies are that “we are all in this together” and that “the cuts have to be made”

    While working people are attacked, the richest 10% of the population get richer still.

    But we could live in a Britain that puts the needs of ordinary people first, rather than the greed of the tiny minority.

     The Derby campaign is fully supported by local trade unions and a range of community organisations – but we need the support of Derby people generally… and your active support in our campaigns and activities.

    You can read the Charter in full – and sign up to it – by going to

    If you’d like to contact us you can use

    or phone 07979 230175